What is 3rdEye?

3rdEye is an Automated Pre-hire Assessment Platform. It helps Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Candidates to make an informed decision and removes guess work out of the equation. Its helps automate screening process, reduce screening time, match tech opportunities to the techies seeking them.

What does 3rdEye Provide that comparable services do not?

Role based and business functionality specific challenges with varying degrees of complexity to assess what’s needed for job rather than finding out the high scorer, Depth of assessments, 360* coverage, Tools and Technologies, Analytics that gives insights into the industry skill, are some of the features that sets us a class apart from other comparable services.
Our focus is on finding the optimal talent needed to get the job done rather than finding out who’s the best. We do this by including various factors into the equation that are done manually in the current world.

Why 3rdEye screening is needed?

Because in current world hiring process, hiring managers have to sift through enormous amount of resumes that looks similar, inadequate screening procedures, time consuming, limitations on the number of talent that can be screened etc..

Is 3rdEye an online Job Board or recruiting agency that provides candidates for clients

No. In some cases we connect and recommend talents to companies for a potential role. It would be based on their technical contribution to the Community, Forums etc..

What are the hardware tools that I need to take the assessments

A laptop or a computer with Webcam as most of the assessments contain video challenges. We do not prescribe Mobile devices or tablets and might not be feasible for coding challenges.

What email ID should I use?

If you are a talent, you can use any email address to register.
Hiring Managers MUST use a corporate Email ID to register to procure assessment services for hiring purposes

Customer Support

I have an issue with the product. What's the best way to resolve it.

We strive for excellence in providing a issue free service. But issues do happen due to various factors that are out of our control. The best way to address them is by using the Contact Us page. We will get back to you within 24 hrs of any issues. Generally, we respond within a few hours. For Premium and Enterprise users, we provide immediate Phone support to resolve any issues.


Can anyone contribute questions?

Yes, anyone can contribute challenges. But they have to adhere to the rules and regulations as described in the site. All the challenges will be screened by our champions to ensure that we maintain a consistency and high degree of customer satisfaction.

What do I need to do to take an assessment

Check out the Do’s and Dont’s video

What are the roles that can be assessed?

Any role that uses the outlined technology/tool in our portfolio can be assessed. You can view the full list of technologies here.
Non technical roles can also be assessed using standardized questions and offline video challenge.


What do I get by contributing questions?

Contributing questions helps you in many ways. Some of the benefits highlights include Awards and cash prizes (Please refer the awards page for details), becoming a champion and getting noticed by the hiring managers

Who are the champions

No, Champions are not folks who can code fast. Champions are fellow talents who are SMEs in their corresponding field. They bring out of the box thinking to address a problem, ability to provide an optimal solution, provide challenges that can be used in real world by companies/hiring managers

How do I become a champion

Simple. Start contributing towards the challenges and our panel will select the question based on industry standard, originality, substance it provides towards assessing another talent for a role etc.. The weightage is given to substance, quality and activity rather than the amount of questions.

I have been screened for a position and got rejected. Does it impact my chances with other companies


No. We do not share a candidates assessment results for a specific role to another hiring manager. Studies have shown that there are various parameters that are accounted in a hiring process and the role need might be completely different for a different job requirement. Personality also plays a major factor into the decision making process. We expect every hiring manager to form their own decisions based on the criteria set for the job. In most cases, the challenges will not repeat as no two jobs are same. We also mandate the hiring managers to provide an appropriate feedback to ensure that the talent is able to improve upon their deficiencies.

However we expect the talent to act in a professional manner. Any misdemenours will end up in banning the candidate from taking any future assessments through out platform.

How are the time limits set for an assessment

The hiring manager is the deciding authority in this regard. But we work with the recruiters/hiring managers to ensure that it pertains to the role. We believe every role should focus on Quality, What’s necessary for the role and optimal time rather than just speed. This is not a race.


We do plagiarism detection. The challenges would also be tuned in such fashion that plagiarism is not possible. Any misdemenours will end up in banning the candidate from taking any future assessments through out platform

Online References

We do understand that in today’s world, people utilize online references for analyzing and providing best possible solution. If you do use it, we encourage you to provide the references as well in the comments section. This shows honesty and your breadth of presence in contributing to the online community


Do you have any guide to create an evaluation.

Check out the Demo video and Hiring Manager Guide

I do not see a tool or a technology in the list. What should I do?

We constantly look at the market and industry trends to include new tools and technologies. There may be instances where the tool/technology is not used widely and that would be the reason for us not to support it.

Ask any question